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Submission Guidelines

Who may submit to the CCS Research Repository (RR)

  • Undergraduate works are not eligible.
  • Graduate theses must be selected by the Department Chair or have received the Award of Excellence in Graduate Studies.
  • Only current members of the CCS community may submit work to the CCS RR. 
  • Works must be submitted by the creator rather than a third party.
  • Only works made (in whole or in part) while the creator was in the employ of or enrolled at CCS are eligible (links to works made prior to CCS may be included in the creator’s biography, however). 
  • Adjunct faculty may submit work to the CCS RR so long as the work was created while employed by CCS. Works that include the creator's CCS affiliation in the biographical information attached to the work at the time it was made public preferred but not required.

Work requirements

  • All works submitted to the CCS RR should have an overarching research goal
  • All works submitted must previously have been made public in some way (i.e. performed, published, exhibited, etc.).
  • Works included in another institution’s research repository may not be submitted to the CCS RR unless the work was created in collaboration with an employee at that institution (works in another institution's repository may be linked in the creator’s biography).  
  • Textual works do not need to be peer-reviewed.
  • Self-published works are potentially eligible for inclusion in the CCS RR, but must be research-oriented; self-published blogs or opinion pieces are ineligible.
  • Academic textual works submitted to the CCS RR must be published by a reputable organization. Works from predatory publishers may be ineligible for inclusion in the RR.
  • Non-traditional research objects (primarily non-textual creative works) must include a statement of research (300 words maximum) detailing the work’s background, its contribution to the field, and its significance. 
  • Non-traditional research objects must include documentation of the research and creation process. 

If you have questions about eligibility of your work, please contact Digital Scholarship Librarian Amy Lazet at

Since the CCS RR serves as a permanent scholarly record of the culture of research at CCS, works in the RR will be retained and made available to the public indefinitely. CCS reserves the right to remove works without notice on a case-by-case basis, whether due to copyright violations, plagiarism, falsified research, or another reason. CCS also reserves the right to not include works outside the scope of the RR.